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Liz Davidson is celebrated by her Fortune 500 clients, 42 employees, and countless readers for her candid viewpoint on money as it relates to every facet of life – including our relationships, career satisfaction and overall happiness. Being a woman CEO in an industry traditionally inundated with men has given Liz a unique perspective of entrepreneurship, leadership and workplace culture that has won her company, Financial Finesse, countless awards and accolades.

More than anything, Liz’s vision is shaped by her desire to be a successful businesswoman, not a woman who owns a business. Because in the world we live in, there is still a distinction that ironically is best navigated sometimes by simply ignoring the archaic expectations of big business. Liz has the experience, foresight, creativity, and more importantly the relatability to help Fortune 500 decision makers and everyday entrepreneurs alike navigate the volatile future we are inheriting by understanding how to leverage the resources available to build wealth and a fulfilling existence simultaneously.

Regardless of topic, Liz is an advocate of the simple idea that people come before money. It is a fundamental human right to wake up inspired to go to work, feel safe and valued while at work, and return home every day fulfilled to care for the family and life you work so hard to support. She seeks to help people understand the variables that lead to a fulfilling life, financial independence, healthy existence, and successful relationships are more interconnected than we realize. While this theme is consistent, specific topics can be abstract and include:

The Irony of Creating a Great Company Culture – LinkedIn:

Asking a CEO to explain how they have managed to instill a company culture of excellence is like asking someone to explain how the Patriots managed to stage the greatest comeback in NFL history and win the Super Bowl… It can’t be definitively explained, dissected or replicated. If you ask me, success is in the intangibles.

Your Life Partner May be Your Worst Financial Enemy:

Love hard, but have your own bank account and a prenup!

Millennials & Money:

This speech dives deep into the specific financial difficulties millennials have been struggling with over the past decade. It breaks down how employers can help address these problems and in turn create an environment which attracts and retains happy, engaged millennial employees. Spoiler Alert: It’s not beanbag chairs and ping-pong tables!

How To Become an Automatic Millionaire without a Financial Advisor:

Learn how to set yourself up for success by automating a process that would otherwise require a lot of effort and sacrifice.

How Broccoli Changed My Life:

This talk breaks down how to change the way employees behave with their finances for the better. Knowing that something is good for you doesn’t always translate into action. This keynote shows how companies can create strategies that help employees change their financial behaviors and reduce financial stress over the long-term.

The BIG Advantage of Being a Small Company:

Size matters. Especially when you’re a “small business” responsible for inciting and innovating a big industry. Financial Finesse advocates an innovative business philosophy: Small is better. Small gives you innate advantages that no large company can ever duplicate. Small gives you certain magic that can only happen when you have limited resources and are forced to dig deep and get really resourceful. It’s the new model for a new generation that says going small is actually a big advantage in a competitive market. When you know how to leverage your small size and all the good things that come with it, you can achieve results that defy logic.

Jobs of the Future Will be What Robots Can’t Do:

Success in the future will be defined by intellectual capitalism. Jobs that require common sense, creativity, empathy and leadership will not be replaceable by AI.

Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean:

Explore the struggles of competing in a crowded marketplace and how companies around the world are skipping the bloody “red oceans” of rivals and creating their very own “blue oceans.”

Upside Down:

The inverted reality of the financial services industry is that the people who genuinely need financial guidance the most are the very ones who cannot afford it. This limited access to fundamental financial insight combined with industry jargon and fees deliberately designed by financial services companies to paralyze consumers has compounded into a reality where 70% of American’s live paycheck to paycheck. Consequently, it’s no surprise that people do not trust the industry.

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