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Author, CEO, and Founder of Financial Finesse, Liz Davidson, disrupted the financial services industry in 1999 by providing everyday Americans with free access to expert and unbiased financial planning services - something only available to high net-worth individuals. With a roster of less than 50 employees, no VC investors, and a social mission to “change F’ing lives”, she galvanized an entirely new industry - workplace financial wellness - and addressed the desperate need for average workers to learn not only how to manage their finances, but how to combat the problems brought on by money issues like higher stress, decreased health, delayed retirement, debilitating debt, bankruptcy, even divorce.

Liz left the hedge fund world at the pinnacle of the .com era and started Financial Finesse with what was then a radical idea. What if financial education could be provided free of any conflicts of interest, by an entirely independent firm with no financial products or services to sell? How much better off would employees be if they had access to financial coaching to help them improve all aspects of their finances as an additional employee benefit?

Fast forward to today, and Financial Finesse is the only company of its kind. An entirely independent firm that generates 100% of its revenue from the sale of financial wellness programs to award-winning organizations like Aetna, Viacom, Nestle, and the NFL Players Association, empowering millions of Americans via unlimited access to life-changing financial coaching services as a best-in-class employee benefit.

Her candid approach to tackling taboo topics in the workplace like money, relationships, job satisfaction, leadership, retirement and the variables that connect them all, inspired a model that is now being imitated by financial giants seeking to capitalize on the movement towards holistic company cultures where employees thrive both personally and financially.

Liz believes that personal finance is more personal than it is finance. That’s why Financial Finesse does not sell any financial products, does not manage any assets, nor generate any commissions or provide any advisory services. Instead, it introduced an alternative career path for veteran CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals who share Liz’s social mission and are inspired by the lives they change, not the products they sell. Liz believes in giving people a reason to come to work, not just a place to come to work. In doing so, Financial Finesse introduced an innovative way for companies to invest in their employees and become a genuine partner in their long-term financial security.

A leading advocate for fiduciary reform, Liz testified before the Department of Labor and consulted with the White House and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) influencing the 2016 decision to tighten fiduciary standards and sparking real conversations about incentives for employers who offer financial wellness programs to employees. As a result, financial services fees have declined by over 50% since Liz started Financial Finesse in 1999, and continue to decline as educated consumer movements ignite throughout the country.

To help guide genuine research in a perpetually evolving industry, Liz also spearheads Financial Finesse’s in-house Think Tank which consistently publishes research and case studies so compelling and irrefutably accurate, their findings are regularly leveraged by industry thought leaders, media, and vendors across the board as they strive to build the business case for and understand the ROI metrics of workplace financial wellness programs.


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