Financial Advisor Success Podcast with Michael Kitces: Delivering Workplace Financial Wellness With a Salaried CFP Career Path

In this episode, Liz shares the way that Financial Finesse justifies and demonstrates to employers how paying to improve the financial wellness of employees really does lead to a Return On Investment for the employer by reducing employer costs on everything from employee absenteeism to health care claims… What’s fascinating about Liz’s firm is that in a world where most financial services providers aim to deliver financial wellness and education as a lead-in to selling a product, or an avenue to build lucrative advisory relationships with the executives and key employees, Financial Finesse is truly dedicated to simply helping employees improve their financial wellness, and is solely paid on a flat-fee basis from employers to provide their services.

A Powerful Way To Close The Pay Gap: Don’t Negotiate Salaries

Liz elaborates on her recent Forbes article and outlines an innovative, yet simplistic way to immediately solve the gender pay gap issue.

Resources Featured in This Podcast:

A Powerful Way To Close The Pay Gap: Don’t Negotiate Salaries via FORBES
Gender Gap in Financial Wellness Report published by the Financial Finesse Think Tank

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